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Welcome to lushbomb! For your everyday needs for the siteworld. I try to provide the best content I can for you guys. And try to update much as possible. Please if you use or save anything please comment in the cbox and credit if using my stuff from this site. also tag/credit me if using on facebook. I hope y'all enjoy and keep coming back. xoxo



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Come on over in my direction, so thankful for that, it's such a blessin', yeah. Turn every situation into Heaven, yeah. (Oh, you are...) my sunrise on the darkest day, got me feelin' some kind of way. Make me wanna savor every moment slowly, slowly. You fit me, tailor-made love, how you put it on. Got the only key, know how to turn it on. The way you nibble on my ear, the only words I wanna hear, baby take it slow so we can last long

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