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Skyy Miggyy Bear Kayla Lana ? ? ?



Welcome to lushbomb! Take a look around. I will be having LOTS more content once august is here! I have one order in now. and will have more later. Please if you use anything off this site specially cutouts that I paid for. Please be sure to credit/tag me on facebook. I like to know when my stuff is being used <3 I hope y'all enjoy! xoxo



I get to keep her fur babies y'all! I am so excited. They are the sweetest dogs and very well behaved. It sucks it has be like this But I am glad I get to have them. I leave tomorrow for camp til sunday! I can't wait. I need just get away with everything that has been going on. Its been tough guys. Im sorry I haven't been myself. and Im sorry nothing has been done with lushbomb. But I promise you there are new things coming :) I hope y'all enjoy your weekend!

Long week:

Sorry guys I haven't done anything with lushbomb like I been wanting too. I lost my dear friend/neighbor thursday night. So I been taking it pretty hard and been taking care of her precious babies/dogs that has been keeping me pretty busy. I was going to keep them, but now the family isn't sure what they want to do, of course. Its just been a really rough week for me. She went in the hospital sunday and went thursday. Just trying to deal with everything. But I promise once August is here is will have a HUGE update on everything. Might even revamp some things. But anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know whats been going on and why I haven't been updating. Plus I leave on the 20th go camping for 3 days!! Which is well needed after everything past week.